The opening of the largest international exhibition for investment and real estate in Erbil

18-22 September 2019

Iraq and the Kurdistan region are moving towards an important stage of prosperity of the economic sector, and the field of investment and real estate is one of the most important sectors that will have an influential role in this prosperity.

The organization of a large international exhibition and at this particular stage, involving the major foreign and local companies along with decision makers, relevant bodies and prominent personalities in this field, leads to more development and prosperity.

The companies that participated or decided to participate in the exhibition are companies from Turkey, Iran, UAE, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Lebanon, Cyprus, China and Italy, as well as other European and Asian countries. With a large official and organizational support of the exhibition.

It is expected that more than 70,000 people will visit the exhibition from important government and official figures, decision-makers in this field and other relevant figures who are looking for suitable opportunities in the field of investment and real estate in the participating countries.

We, as (Hajj Salam) real estate company, which is one of the largest companies in the field of real estate, and with support and coordination with Erbil International Exhibition and other stakeholders in the governments of the Kurdistan Region and Iraq, we take on this duty to provide services and provide more job opportunities and thus create a large movement In the Kurdistan market and economic prosperity in the region.

It should be noted that the areas covered by the exhibition are:

  1. Investment and contracting companies.
  2. Companies and centers of real estate
  3. Commercial and residential projects, buildings and towers.
  4. Tools and equipment of construction projects and companies processing these projects.
  5. Banks and financial institutions for real estate loans.
  6. Design companies, engineering consultancy and decoration.

In addition to other centers and commercial establishments…

(With respect…)